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1 Free Month of Landscape Maintenance
with a 12 month Maintenance Contract


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Design, Build, Maintain

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At Foregrounds, we handle every aspect of your project with precision and care. From design and construction to maintenance, you can trust our Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA to provide exceptional quality.


Jose Antonio Muñoz 



Foregrounds Landscape 


At Foregrounds Landscape, we develop beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the client's unique personality. We specialize in all aspects of Landscape: designing, building and maintaining unparalleled outdoor living experiences of lasting beauty. 

Foregrounds stands as the partner of choice for Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA, and all landscaping services and management solutions.


Foregrounds is family owned and operated, and proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area. With hundreds of references throughout California and abroad, you'll see that our strength comes from our commitment to excellent personalized customer service and competitive pricing. We take the time to understand the client's needs, and are highly skilled with the ability to influence a business or shape a residence through Landscape Architecture. 

Landscape Design

Reputable throughout California and abroad, serving as your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA, Foregrounds Landscape is responsible for numerous landscape designs that have been brought to life. Our Landscape Designs, begin with a consultation, where we discuss your vision, preferences, and aesthetics. We are dedicated to customizing a design unique to you and tailored to fit your budget. After discussing your ideas, concerns, and desires for your landscape, we’ll design a plan that incorporates plant material, elements, textures, and tones that reflect your vision. We take it a step further by providing lifelike renderings that offer a vivid preview of your finished landscape. Throughout this process, we maintain open communication with you, continuously refining and adjusting your design to ensure it meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us to discuss how we can elevate your landscape into a stunning and functional outdoor space.

Landscape Construction

Navigating the construction phase of your landscape project can be complex, but we're here to simplify the process and provide you with peace of mind. Our expertise in landscape design and construction enables us to bring your vision to life. Whether you come to us with an existing design plan or we can design one for you, we'll transform your plan into a functional and breathtaking outdoor space. 


Our commitment to reliability ensures that projects are completed on time and within your budget, while our dedication to quality guarantees excellent craftsmanship and materials. With a focus on accessibility and responsiveness, we're here to support you at every step of the construction process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from start to finish. Whether it's Landscape Construction, Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA, we're dedicated to providing exceptional service personalized to your needs. Contact us to explore how our services can facilitate the successful completion of your construction project.

Arborist Consulting

Your trees contribute to the aesthetic and value of your property, and to the urban forest as a whole. Nevertheless, maintaining their health requires specialized services from arborist consulting. Choosing to hire a certified arborist is an investment in the vitality and safety of your trees and property. When you hire a certified arborist, you're hiring someone that has had extensive education and training in arboriculture. We've dedicated ourselves to learning the ins and outs of arboriculture, adhere to industry standards, and are enabled to assess the health and condition of trees, diagnose, and recommend appropriate solutions. Be rest assured, your trees are inspected by Jose Antonio Muñoz, an ASCA Academy Graduate, ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist, and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.

Having assessed thousands of trees throughout California and abroad, owner of Foregrounds Landscape, Jose Antonio Muñoz offers expertise in providing arborist consulting services tailored to your specific needs. Services include consultations, inspections, tree risk assessments, reporting, diagnostic imaging, laboratory sampling, and comprehensive tree protection plans spanning pre-, during, and post-construction phases. Our reports present valuable insights into the condition of your trees, enabling us to provide professional recommendations. Taking it a step further, we're fully equipped and trained to implement these recommendations through our comprehensive tree services, ensuring we assist you with all your tree needs as your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us today for expert assistance with all your arborist consulting needs.

Irrgation & Drainage

Irrigation & Drainage

Proper irrigation and drainage are essential for maintaining the health and sophistication of your landscape. Recognizing that every outdoor space is unique, Foregrounds Landscape, your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA, specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining irrigation and drainage systems best suited to your specific layout, plant material, and soil conditions. Beginning with a site assessment, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your outdoor environment, determine the precise water requirements for sustaining your landscape's vigor, while also identifying areas susceptible to problematic water accumulation. Integrating your landscape’s distinct features and advanced technology, we develop a solution designed to maximize water efficiency, reduce waste, and divert accumulated water from vulnerable zones.


Foregrounds Landscape manages every aspect of the design and installation process, ensuring your irrigation and drainage system is executed seamlessly with precision. Communication throughout and post-completion of your project is paramount to us, as we are committed to delivering quality services, exceptional customer experiences, and customized solutions that make a profound difference. We offer ongoing support through our maintenance and auditing services to assist in preserving the longevity and appeal of your outdoor space. Contact us today to explore how we can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Let there be light! With a variety of lighting styles, Foregrounds Landscape has the ability to enhance your landscape's design, emphasizing its natural allure. As your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA our strategic placement of lighting illuminates the inherent beauty of your plants and trees, creating an inviting ambiance for outdoor gatherings. Taking into careful consideration your concerns, preferences, and landscape layout, we design a lighting solution accentuating architectural features to improve safety and security.

Depend on our professional insight and quality work to refine your landscape into a captivating and secure environment. Contact us today to learn how our outdoor lighting design, installation, and audit services can transform your outdoor space into a stunning nighttime oasis. 


At Foregrounds, we understand that your space is unique and may have specific requirements. We are committed to drafting designs that may be intricate, involved, require calculations, and compliance with city regulations. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your design. As your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA, we're here to bring your vision to life.

Featured Subspecialty Designs: 

  • Tree Protection Plans

  • Fuel Modification Plans

  • Irrigation Schematics

  • Lighting Schematics


  • Maximum Allowable Watering Area (MAWA)

  • Equivalent Total Water Use (ETWU) Calculations 

                                     ...and more

Subspecialty Drafting

Tree Services

Trees can require different needs at different stages of its lifecycle, from the establishment phase and requirements of young tree maintenance. It is vital for a juvenile tree to be trained during its tender years to have favorable development and structural integrity. Foregrounds Landscape offers expert tree services tailored to the needs specific to a tree’s species and maturity, including Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.


We are dedicated to preserving trees whenever possible and only recommend removal when necessary. In such cases, we offer professional tree removal or stump grinding services to address the situation effectively. As an effort of reforestation in the urban landscape, Foregrounds will make a recommendation of replacement trees if the removal of the tree is needed. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your tree services needs.


By addressing every aspect of landscape maintenance, Foregrounds Landscape keeps your outdoor space stunning but also maintaining its vitality and resilience throughout the year. Choosing professional landscape maintenance differs significantly in quality and expertise. Our services are overseen by Jose Antonio Muñoz, ASCA Academy Graduate and ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist, to deliver personalized maintenance suited to your landscape's diverse needs. Our scope of work includes both traditional lawn and native/drought tolerant garden maintenance for all residential and commercial properties. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to going above and beyond to cover all areas of maintenance such as fertilization, pesticide application, weed control, and regular irrigation and lighting audits.

We customize maintenance to suit your property's distinct features, enhancing its overall appeal and functionality. Our services are your investment in the long-term health and value of your property. Foregrounds Landscape serves to keep your landscape thriving and as your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA. Get in touch with us to learn how we can maintain the beauty of your outdoor space with our comprehensive maintenance services.



"My husband and I recently purchased our first home, and decided to redo the outdated landscaping. We did our research and shopped around, then we found Foregrounds Landscape. The level of knowledge and professionalism was unparalleled, and we couldn't be any more satisfied with the Designing and Installation of our new home's landscape."

Andrea G.


Foregrounds Landscape is honored to have been awarded Nextdoor's Neighborhood Favorite Local Business in Los Angeles for two consecutive years, in 2023 and 2022, an affirmation to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We express our profound gratitude to our clients who have been an integral part of our journey. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to providing services of an exceptional level of excellence for Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.

Featured Clientele

Our services are trusted by diverse clientele across California and abroad, reflecting our commitment to providing exceptional quality and reliability. We are honored to have earned the trust from communities for Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.


June 1, 2024 through August 1, 2024


Explore our latest promotions and elevate your outdoor space with our services. Enter the promotional code when submitting your contact form, and we'll promptly reach out to you.

Design, Build, Maintain Package


Receive complimentary maintenance for 6 months when you choose Foregrounds Landscape to complete your Landscape Design and Construction project.*

15% off a Landscape Design

Code: DESIGN15


Get 15% off your Landscape Design 2D Planview.**

$100 off a Tree Inspection


Get $100 off a Tree Inspection***

1 Free Month Maintenance


Get 1 free month of landscape maintenance with a 12 month maintenance contract.****

Terms and Conditions:

* Enjoy 6 months of scheduled maintenance visits (1 visit per month), covering general landscape maintenance. Maintenance services are valid only for the renovated landscape post-completion of construction project. Excludes designs that are only irrigation, drainage, and lighting designs. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. Offer is non-transferable and has no cash value. Valid from June 1, 2024 to August 1, 2024.

** Valid for only for a Landscape Design 2D Planview. Valid from June 1, 2024 to August 1, 2024.

*** Get $100 off the total cost of a tree inspection service. Discount applies to the entire inspection service, not per tree. Valid from June 1, 2024 to August 1, 2024.

****Must sign a 12-month maintenance contract. The free month of maintenance will be applied at the end of the 12-month contract period. Valid from June 1, 2024 to August 1, 2024.


Have questions? Explore our FAQ for answers.

  • Can you do my entire landscape project?
    Yes!—By entrusting your entire project to us, it ensures coordination between the design, construction, and maintenance phases, minimizing potential conflicts or inconsistencies. With us overseeing all aspects of the project, your design plan is transformed into construction, and maintenance services are tailored to uphold the vision of your landscape. Bundling design, construction, and maintenance services eliminates the need to coordinate multiple contractors or service providers, leading to cost savings and streamlined project timelines. We’re a full-service landscaping company that doesn't just complete the project and walk away—we offer ongoing maintenance and arborist consulting services to support the longevity and vitality of your outdoor space.
  • What is your pricing?
    You can expect our pricing to be flexible, as it is tailored to the individual services and needs of your landscape. We're committed to delivering exceptional service that aligns with your budget. Contact us for a consultation, so we can discuss your needs further.
  • Why hire a certified arborist?
    When you hire a certified arborist, you're hiring someone that has had extensive education and training in arboriculture. We've dedicated ourselves to learning the ins and outs of arboriculture, adhere to industry standards, and are enabled to assess the health and condition of trees, diagnose, and recommend appropriate solutions. You can be rest assured that your trees are inspected by Jose Antonio Munoz, an ASCA Academy Graduate, ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist, and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.
  • Do you provide services commercially?
    Yes, we offer all of our services to commercial businesses, educational institutions, and organizations. Our comprehensive range of services are tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of various properties, ensuring that we deliver efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.
  • Do you offer arborist consulting services for project developments?
    Yes, we provide services for project developments. Our expertise encompasses services aimed at assisting firms. We provide tree assessments to determine the health and condition of the trees. Our tree reporting and inventory details the findings and diagnostic images from our inspections. We utilize this data to develop pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction tree protection specifications within development plans and informed recommendations for the preservation or removal of trees as necessary. Contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can assist you.
Don't see your question listed?  

Feel free to reach out to us directly—we're here to help! 

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