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Arborist Consulting

Your trees contribute to the aesthetic and value of your property, and to the urban forest as a whole. Nevertheless, maintaining their health requires specialized services from arborist consulting. Choosing to hire a certified arborist is an investment in the vitality and safety of your trees and property. When you hire a certified arborist, you're hiring someone that has had extensive education and training in arboriculture. We've dedicated ourselves to learning the ins and outs of arboriculture, adhere to industry standards, and are enabled to assess the health and condition of trees, diagnose, and recommend appropriate solutions. Be rest assured, your trees are inspected by Jose Antonio Muñoz, an ASCA Academy Graduate, ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist, and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.

Having assessed thousands of trees throughout California and abroad, owner of Foregrounds Landscape, Jose Antonio Muñoz offers expertise in providing arborist consulting services tailored to your specific needs. Services include consultations, inspections, tree risk assessments, reporting, diagnostic imaging, laboratory sampling, and comprehensive tree protection plans spanning pre-, during, and post-construction phases. Our reports present valuable insights into the condition of your trees, enabling us to provide professional recommendations. Taking it a step further, we're fully equipped and trained to implement these recommendations through our comprehensive tree services, ensuring we assist you with all your tree needs as your Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us today for expert assistance with all your arborist consulting needs.



Arborist Report For Development

  • Inspection

  • Report

  • Tree Analysis in relation to Proposed Improvements

  • Pre, During, & Post Construction Tree Protection Plans

  • Tree Inventory

  • Diagnostic Images

  • Treatment Recommendations

  • Professional Recommendations

  • Soil Analysis (if necessary)

  • Lab Sampling (if necessary)

Tree Risk Assessment

  • Inspection

  • Report

  • Identify:

    • Hazards/Risks​

    • Likelihood of Failure

    • Insect Infestation

    • Fungal Infection

    • Structural Defects

    • Cavities

  • Determine Overall Health & Condition

  • Personalized Recommendations

Tree Management

  • Tailored Treatment Recommendations

  • Planting

  • Pruning

  • Preservation

  • Removal (if necessary)

  • Mitigation (replacement options)

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