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Tree Services

Trees can require different needs at different stages of its lifecycle, from the establishment phase and requirements of young tree maintenance. It is vital for a juvenile tree to be trained during its tender years to have favorable development and structural integrity. Foregrounds Landscape offers expert tree services tailored to the needs specific to a tree’s species and maturity, including Landscape Design and Arborist Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.


We are dedicated to preserving trees whenever possible and only recommend removal when necessary. In such cases, we offer professional tree removal or stump grinding services to address the situation effectively. As an effort of reforestation in the urban landscape, Foregrounds will make a recommendation of replacement trees if the removal of the tree is needed. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your tree services needs.



Pruning & Trimming
Drought-Tolerant Maintenance
Pest Control
Root Management
Removal & Stump Grinding
Cabling & Bracing
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